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Do you live inside, or very near the I-285 Perimeter, and north of I-20? Most of our clients live in this area. Because remodeling is a service, we typically cannot provide our target level of service on more remote jobs.

Have you remodeled before? Our clients are not typically first time renovators. The very best clients have remodeled before and have taken shortcuts and made mistakes. They welcome us.

Having been in business for nearly 35 years, we know there is always someone cheaper who doesn't know what we know. Our clients respect the value that we provide, and the fact that we will be totally responsible for their project.

Do you really care about your home as a unique expression of yourself? Think of a basement remodel. If you are just looking to get the kids and their toys downstairs and out from underfoot, then we are not your contractor. But if you want a downstairs that is finished for your own personal enjoyment, with "upstairs quality" fixtures and finishes, then it's a Cruickshank type of project.

Is the project unusual or difficult? There are a lot of good remodeling contractors. However with degreed designers and certified professional carpenters and superintendents on our staff, we feel we are exceptionally qualified compared to other Atlanta remodelers. Projects with critical schedules, custom features, and particularly high quality are all Cruickshank-worthy projects.

Cruickshank-type projects are ones where unique construction methods may be required. Building under an existing house, building on top of an existing house, creating a temporary exterior stair to access an upstairs construction area so as to not inconvenience the homeowner? These are Cruickshank type projects.

Is the architectural style of your project important to you? Our degreed project designers are knowledgeable on various architectural styles. We can recognize the architectural style of your home and can enhance and complement them with our designs. And if you want to depart from the current style of your home, with an addition or a particular interior space, we can work in a new style without conflicting with your existing home.

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, please contact us and let's talk about your project.

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