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We get invited into the homes of wonderful people. They take us into their lives while we help them transform their home in wonderful ways. The best way to show our appreciation is through respect.

Remodel Protection with Cruickshank Remodeling (Video)

Detailed Documentation: We strive for clear, written documentation concerning project scope and schedule.

Client Viewpoint: Remodeling involves numerous construction professionals, including suppliers and sub-contractors. In our dealings with all of them, we are advocates for our clients.

Jobsite Cleanliness: A sweep broom symbolizes Cruickshank Care. Before our staff goes home each day, they thoroughly clean up. Recognizing that our clients are often living in their homes during a remodel, on Friday afternoons our staff cleans and tidies the jobsite even better.

Property Protection: In most construction projects some amount of demolition is required. We work to eliminate damage to your property through planning. Driveways are staked off to keep delivery trucks from running over landscaping. We use plastic to minimize dust on your furnishings. Filters are taped over return air grilles when the work area cannot be isolated from the main HVAC system. We use plastic and hardboard to protect hardwood floors, as well as plastic stick-on carpet protector.

Privacy: As guests in your home, we clearly define the construction area as separate from your living area. In some cases we have built temporary outside stairs to retain a homeowner's personal space. Where we can, we install temporary plywood over doorways to provide both privacy and security. Plastic dust walls are often used to visually screen the construction area from your living area.

Responsibility: Remodeling can be a challenging business. Mistakes can happen, and we own up to it. Our staff moves quickly to find an acceptable solution.

Already developing the second generation of our company, Cruickshank Remodeling is in business for the long haul. That's why we focus on doing what's right for our clients.

Our Process and Systems

Remodeling homes is a specialty. Unlike new construction, where workers can come and go, homeowners live through the renovations daily.

Respecting Your Home
During the project, every carpenter and every activity in the course of the construction process is on display. Someone once likened remodeling to building a custom auto where the customer sees every bolt tightened and every weld. It can be an enjoyable process, but it requires special concern for the safety, security and privacy of homeowners and their property during a remodel. In addition, there are considerations such as: appropriate work hours; job-site cleanliness; port-a-john location; delivery access; material storage; access to work areas; protection of fixtures and finishes, dust and noise control. More than once we have scheduled noisy work around the baby's nap time.

The challenge for a homeowner is to pick the right contractor for their situation - one who has the ability to make the process as painless as possible. As remodeling specialists, we work to implement company-wide systems that produce known outcomes. It's our insurance that every project could be held as an example of exceptional workmanship and homeowner respect.

Traditional Design and Construction Process

Process Characteristics:

  • Because the contractor is selected after the designs are complete, the client must get comfortable with the contractor mid-project.
  • It's often a long process.
  • The client may need a designer to serve as the "watchdog" over the contractor. When issues arise, finger-pointing may occur.
  • A significant number projects never get to the construction phase due to poorly assessed construction costs during the design phase.

Traditional Remodeling Process chart

 Cruickshank Remodeling Design/Build Process

Process Characteristics:

  • Trust in the relationship is established up front.
  • The designer/builder embraces the client's goals.
  • Cruickshank is the single source of responsibility for performance. If problems arise, everyone knows who's responsible.
  • Communication is clear and easy.
  • The same parties are involved from the start of the process through completion.
  • Establishment of realistic project goals and budget often results in a shorter overall project schedule.
  • The vast majority of projects continue through the construction phase to completion.

Cruickshank Remodeling Process Chart

Specific Phase Activities

Cruickshank Remodeling Specific Phase Activity Chart

No Surprises Construction--You'll Like This

Scope of Work
All projects begin with a printed Scope of Work detailing the scope, materials and methods of construction. Where there are also construction drawings involved, either developed by us, or by another designer, this Scope provides our written interpretation of them. Based upon the Scope, we get competitive quotes from suppliers and subcontractors. Often we'll prepare drawings to facilitate the most accurate quotes for countertops, tile, shower enclosures, mirrors, etc.

Fixed Price Contract
We use an American Institute of Architects fixed price contract. Our designers spend a substantial amount of time estimating the work for each proposal, with more than 75 percent of homeowners going forward to hire us. For this reason, we can propose a guaranteed fixed price for construction, with the realistic likelihood that there will not be any contractor generated changes to the scope of work during construction.

Understanding Project Construction Costs
Before the project gets "locked in stone", we perform a preliminary construction cost estimate based upon actual quotes from subcontractors and suppliers. This includes a complete cost breakdown. Our goal is to show you where your money is going. This will help you adjust the budget away from parts that don't matter to you, so that you can afford those aspects that are most important to you.

Pre-Construction Conference
This meeting is the beginning of the hand-off from Design/Sales/Estimating to Construction. "Housekeeping" items are discussed such as working hours, parking, access and security, protection measures (dust and site), valuables/breakables, and a weekly meeting time is established.

Full-time Working Superintendent
One of the most common homeowner complaints about remodeling projects is: "I stayed home all afternoon to meet the plumber, and he never came or even called." At Cruickshank Remodeling, you will never be asked to do this. It's our job to run the project for you.

For these reasons Cruickshank Remodeling specializes in remodels and projects that are roughly $150,000 and up. On these larger projects, we are able to use a full-time Cruickshank superintendent to run the job and to perform the carpentry tasks with help as required. We have found this to be one of the keys to client satisfaction.

For a great informational article regarding price differences in contractor bids and who to choose, read “The Difference between the Right Price and Low Price” (.pdf) by Jesse Morado.

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