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Cruickshank Remodeling Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance   Your Contractor for Life

Cruickshank Remodeling performs many large repair and maintenance projects for homeowners who want Cruickshank service and quality. We typically have several suppliers and subcontractors in each area, whom we have found to provide good value. Despite this fact, we do not refer our subs and suppliers. Only when they work under our supervision can we be certain that our clients receive the service and quality they desire.

Examples of Typical Repair Projects:

  • Exterior repaint
  • Driveway re-paving
  • Exterior trim repair
  • Hardwood floor refinishing
  • Interior painting
  • Re-roofing and gutters
  • Re-water piping
  • Underground services (water, sewer, etc.)

Your Contractor for Life
While we do not seek small repair projects, handyman work, or large single trade projects such as re-painting, re-paving, re-roofing, etc.; we exist to truly serve our customers in whatever capacity that we can. Once you are a Cruickshank Remodeling client, we are here to help care for your home. We've replaced old galvanized water pipes, gotten rid of wood peckers in synthetic stucco chimneys, rebuilt a pool deck, relocated swimming pool equipment, built a retaining wall on a family burial plot in historic Oakland Cemetery, replaced light bulbs, hung pictures, and worked on an emergency generator and a well for landscape irrigation--just to name a few project types.

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